Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Opening Ourselves Up To Life

When we were children, we collected many many Aha! experiences everyday. Perhaps that is because children already know that life is a learning process. Children accept that it is important to grow by being receptive to new discoveries.

Adults, on the other hand subscribe to that Magical-Age-21 Theory. That is, at the magical age of twenty-one, many adults believe that they have gained all the wisdom there is to know about life. So it is little wonder that adults are prone to countless disappointments and vast setbacks. Somewhere, after twenty-one, we begin to lose prospective of the value of new insights on which we can build further insights that can only serve to make our lives easier.

The Aha! experiences, which children expect on a daily basis, is a lesson from which we Over-Twenty-Ones can gain much. Opening our intellect up to that child-like Aha! experience adds also the carefree attitude toward life, which younger people exude quite naturally.

The question then becomes: Will you and I pretend to have insights which we don't really possess? Or, will we throw in the towel and regain that youthful wonder that leads to true insight? Will we re-open ourselves up to the many discoveries life continually offers adults and children alike?

Easy choice there, wouldn't you agree?

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