Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Visionary

Come look, what do you see?

Each of us experience life from that place of what we have become. That we have been chiseled from our original mold (who we are) to what we have become is no great mystery for the honest among us.

With careful examination we can perceive that life encourages us to devolve from our better selves to something less. Ofttimes, life removes our unique processing of circumstances around us, leaving us to see the world pretty much as everyone else does. A sort of blind leading the blind viewpoint of matters, I would say. Reality (truth) sometimes appears--but ought not be--left to the interpretation of the beholder.

The visionary, however, sees through eyes without scales. Her plain view of her environment enables her to envision life as it most assuredly is.

So come, let us look. What could we possibly see? How shall we each envision the road ahead? Will we see through unscaled eyes, reality as it truly is? Or, will our views be myopic ones, seeing only what is within close range and only how we have been taught to see?

Let us lift the blinders and let us take an engaging peep. We must dare to remove the scales. We all have the potential, so why don't we use it?

We will choose to be visionaries.

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