Friday, August 31, 2012

A Part of the Path

Life is called a journey often.  This means, of course, its journey takes place along certain paths. My last post was about a month after the passing of my best friend.  My best friend just happened to be my father.  In my eyes, my friend was filled with an equal balance of wisdom and love.  He loved to talk and I loved to listen to him express his wisdom. 

Dad's stories ranged from his leaving his Depression Era share cropper home and joining  President Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps; to that of   the boll weevil's impact on King Cotton.  I did not wish to lose any of his remembrances. So I said to him, why don't you write?  For the next fifteen years he would  record on paper, his private thoughts on the highlights of his life's journey.

 While clinging with a growing appreciation for his influence on the way I now see the world, my path since 2010 has been a slow letting go of his physical presence. A few months back, I opened his notes again and felt the tie between us as strong as ever. Whether directly or indirectly, I will share his visions and insights with you. You see, I am still becoming the Path  he set me on.

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