Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Time That Matters

Ben Franklin gave our country so much.  He and other framers of our constitution wanted America to succeed in the 1700's, and in our later world position today.

Franklin had experienced what can happen when citizens are left to fly by the seat of their pants. He had disdain for the mob mentality and preferred a common sense approach in all of his dealings  He understood as well how important it becomes for each generation  to leave behind principles on which future inheritors of the American  promise could rely.

I guess my favorite Ben Franklin quote is that we 'not  waste time [because]; it [time] is the stuff of which life is made'.

In no other time than right now, is his remark more profound.  As we approach the November elections, how necessary it is for each of us to examine how we can use our own time to help our nation heal.  Yes, to heal.

We have not only been damaged by internal disagreements, but by the craziness that exists across the globe. Time-wasters often run the gamut from hateful remarks, intentional lies ,and doing anything to lord it over someone else. I don't know about you, but I cringe at the thought of winning an argument for the pure sake of winning. To repeat the cliche, what matters most is not who is right, but what is right.

And according to Benjamin Franklin, it is not that we spend time doing something, anything.  What matters is  that we use a patch of daily time to do what is helpful for the common good. In my thinking, every other use of that maybe twenty minutes, borders on waste. What is truly good for America becomes equally as good  for all Americans

Ben Franklin gave our country so much. Let us invest the time allotted us now to do good to help America to  heal.  As Franklin did--let's leave behind a good world for the nation's children to inherit.

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