Saturday, September 1, 2012

Light: The Earth's Panacea

At earth's beginning, light appeared.

Even before we humans made our entrance, light was already here.  It is an amazing being.  In light's presence, no dark thing can exist.  Where light is, plants photosynthesize and mature, adding color and beauty  for our eyes to see and appreciate.

Before light made its entrance, one writer says what preceded the occasion, was a lifeless void.  Then with light's appearance, our world sprung into action with a vibrant energy that imparted wellness to all around it.
Rivers flowed in luxurious streams, sea life there and birds in the air began to thrive. The wind spread the seeds of vegetation and trees--delivering fruit to our earth to feed the soon to arrive human forms.

By the time we joined in on all of light's goodness, everything that we would need to live was already in place. Our fore-parents had only to live and welcome the royalty of their position on earth.  But the rest is history.  For whatever reason, we managed to separate ourselves from the gifts light still prepares for us. In the process, we also managed and still manage to draw to ourselves the darkness of diseases (dis-eases).

Can we restore ourselves from these symptoms of darkness simply  by turning back toward the light? Today we label our dis-eases as stress, anxiety and sickness; and in that order.  Is the panacea for all three, Light? In one form or another?

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