Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Locked Out

I seldom am embarrassed by the usual come-and-goes of life.  One of King Solomon's well spoken quotes is that there is nothing new under the sun.  A lot of this nothing-new-stuff happens to me on a familiar basis.    We won't talk about how after leaving the market on my Labor Day outing ( 'Worth Speaking About' below)  that I managed to lose my  money card in the process.  I discovered my mishap right away  and with-in minutes, my faithful bank took action to preserve the  remainder of the funds I had entrusted to them  I didn't get embarrassed.

Ever go through one of those periods? The last voting day here, it rained.  I hopped from my car to retrieve an umbrella kept in the trunk, and zing--I got me.  My keys were still in the ignition.  I had to call a friend, an ex military police officer who struggled; and finally opened a door for me.  I called him with words of gratefulness until I got the hint that Bill was kindly asking, "Could you stop the thank yous now?"

 OK, here's what embarrasses me.  After all of these years, I still have problems learning what my computer can and cannot do.  Six days have elapsed since my last post.  Not because, I did not come ready with a daily post for my blog, but because...

Let's just say, the security I have on my writing is greater than that  on my car, no matter all its whistles and lock downs.  My blog's fascinating security--which I am still learning to appreciate--locked me out. The experience over the last few days taught me much.  For one lesson, just keeping my awareness always on the alert is a virtue in and of itself. For another, being locked out  of any of life's come-and-goes is way outside of my comfort zone.

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