Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spam It! Got Results?

Now in the  'Book of  Internet Etiquette' that someone is probably writing as we speak--it will say on page one; thou shall not spam. For if you do, you shall surely get deleted.

The internet used to be thought of as the playground  for technical weirdos who have little else to do with their time than to dally around online.  Not so anymore.  Internet users now include most normal people. Indeed, computers rival our beloved postal system in its job of getting the word out..

Financial institutions conduct a variety of services for their clients online. Bloggers and other content writers actually spend their workday tapping into web resources to earn a living. And from make-up to real estate; whatever we seek, can  be obtained with the click of a few reliable buttons.  That is the good news.

The sour news is that the internet has become for many, an unwelcome source for messages and sales pitches we would rather not find in our In-boxes.. Gracious senders of such mail do offer receivers an immediate 'opt-out' choice.  We can ask those companies or individuals to unsubscribe us from their contact list. Nothing ventured, nothing gained; both parties understand.

The bad news is that other senders do not extend the same courtesy. Without relent, they bombard us with junk e-mail several times a day. My own computer's spammer gets plenty of exercise.  As a businessperson, I have to wonder.  Who pays for the time spent by these ineffective senders  who keep  my and your spam guards constantly on the alert? 

In e-commerce, as in every business operation,  'Results' is always the bottom line.

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