Monday, September 24, 2012

Spinach: Strong Green Stuff

Are you partial to green as I am?

I used to be such a blue person, but lately, my closet seems to be filled with an assortment of greens.  I am also partial to strength.  I take my coffee more steeped than dripped and well-- okay, I like to even  out its flavor with a bit of cinnamon-dashed-cream.

It's a good thing I like strong and green stuff. Look at all the options available to folk like me.  I won't bore you with my list.  There is  money for certain, and then aged oaks harboring green acorns to sprout more oak trees; and then, there is the magic of spinach.

I grew up watching Popeye quick-press open his always handy can of Spinach. Do you remember those cartoons? His arch rival Brutto could whip the near daylight out of  Popeye until that  can of strong  spinach  opened; and Popeye poured its green stuff down his  throat. 

Perhaps seeing so many of the cartoons, I began to equate spinach  not only with its rich color, but with its ability to strengthen  the human spirit as well.   More, more, more of that  great strength giver I still say pretty often during the week.

The human spirit, admittedly can be strengthened by  life's delicacies other than Spinach.  Our sensitive souls can be revitalized by stuff other than those colored green.  The essential point here is that we recognize  our unique sources of renewal and refresh ourselves with them as often as necessary.  Never mind  the color of their wrappings so long as those sources, like my Spinach, are health-filled and what we relish.

Just a break from my usual seriousness.  See you back here tomorrow for our next great topic worthy of our examination.  Stay strong and thrive.

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