Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Worth Speaking About

I shopped yesterday at a well known market. The very common experience turned into a neat exercise in learning to appreciate unexpected goodness.

Shortly after I selected a few garlic bulbs, my brother greeted me while he inspected potatoes for his and his wife's dinner. Then almost immediately, I ran into a friend when we met at a sales booth to hear a spiel on  high technology knives.  The pay-off for listening was a free paring knife that was  already on my and her shopping lists.  When I approached the checkout stand, my nephew  yelled my name. I gave him a hug and and a kiss, which  naturally  being a seven year old boy, he wiped away as "cooties".  But that was just the teaser part for the unexpected joy waiting to fill my day.

Groceries bagged, I loaded them in my car's trunk, only to learn that none of the produce I bought was there.  I put everything else back in the cart, found the sales slip, and then raced to the counter to retrieve my missing vegetables. Both bags were gone and no one  had returned either.

Customer service apologized and sent me to the shopping area to replace my purchases.  When I returned with the replacement groceries, two customers had found a bag each among their bags and was kind enough to bring my purchased goods back into the store..

The next time someone tells me that people don't care about anyone but themselves anymore--I am going to say, "Wait just a minute now.. Let me tell you about my Labor Day shopping trip."

Goodness come in the least expected places at the least expected times. We only have to fine tune our awareness to see the joy-bringers. The art of putting oneself in the other person's shoes just may be on the rise again. Happy Labor Day Week, prosper to the max!

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