Monday, October 29, 2012

3 Confidence Mantras You Should Embrace

It is well known that people who are filled  with uncertainties, fear, or upset can not make reasonable decisions. These three vision destroyers germinate from our not knowing  the strengths that we possess to combat the trios' threats . When we stray far from our center--where our strengths reside--uncertainty will  lead to fear, and then fear to upset. Had we planned it, we could not have built a better snarl to entrap our  goals and productivity.

Uncertainty  has many synonyms. Doubt, the state of  being 'wishy-washy'; and of course ineptitude. Each hint at a mindset lacking clear insight as to what lies ahead.  One who is uncertain can not  envision which move to make next. Still, it's far wiser to pause and wait to know the way, than to foolishly prod ahead without reason.  Try this confidence building mantra  to overcome uncertainty: I think, therefore, I am. (Rene Descartes)

Fear wraps itself around its victim's neck, choking to death our true potential.  Try to remember how your worst fear left you paralyzed.  Ghastly words come to mind--powerlessness, that horrid state of not being rescued from your tormentor; nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Fear is a ferocious combatant, smiling as it conquers. Seldom is anything more capable of eradicating a goal than fear.

Yet fear feeds off the miasma of our being intimidated.  Calmness is fear's arch enemy.  How do we escape the agony of heart racing fear so that we can return  to the place inside of us where calmness resides? The first step is to recognize that we  have a bunch of small inner strengths available for our defense.  Consider as well that what we fear is likely a bunch of small intimidating issues trooped together to look bigger than they really are.  Then began  affirming this confidence assuring  mantra:  When spiders unite, they can tie up lions (Ethiopian proverb)

Upset is the crying love child of fear and uncertainty.  Upset depletes our life potential without mercy. We don't even want to think about upset.   When we are upset, it goes without saying that we did not properly deal with the  two confidence interlopers above that gave birth to our upset. Grab hold of this mantra.  Start slowly and let its roots grow deep with in:  Go to the truth beyond the mind. Love is the bridge. (Stephan Levine)

Your steadfast Confidence  awaits you on the other side. Embrace it now.

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