Friday, October 26, 2012

3 Naysayers You Can Handle

Naysayers to our visions come  in three varieties.

 1.   It Is Impossible
Never think impossibility. When you wish to accomplish a goal,  first create an action plan.  Then you must work your well conceived plan with confidence.  Eliminate blocks and surprises along the way with the strong assumption that if you don't quit, you will find answers to each dilemma.  Nothing is impossible for a vision laced with confidence.  If you don't have an answer in the moment, you simply don't have an answer. Wait out those moments with calmness and  keep searching for the answer.  Remain certain that  the right solution does exist, and that you will find it.  Realize that there is a difference between what is momentarily implausible  and what is totally impossible.

2.   It Takes Too Long 
Confront this naysayer with the understanding that what's worthwhile consumes a certain amount of time and effort.  Sometime back, a bank teller told me that her vision was to become an architect.  Six years would be necessary to finish her education, Abby explained, another two years would likely be required to apprentice with a reputable firm.    How old will you be when you finish your apprenticeship? I asked her.

"Twenty-seven,"   she replied.
"As long as you are going to be twenty seven in eight years anyway," I reminded Abby, "Won't you be happier being twenty-seven as an architect?" The point is self explanatory.

3.   What If I Fail?
 What if you succeed?  You choose, cast your vote now! Plan your work, work your plan.  And then, do your time. After all, this is your vision.

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