Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can You Give Your Way to Success?

Interesting concept, isn't it?  Giving, I mean.

In most business circles, the suggestion is an age old one.  Give something away and you will draw customers to you. But giving like that has its own agenda, don't you think?  I believe that it is the other kind of giving that connotes  potential for large success .

What you give, you get back, we say.  Karma is the art of attracting a harvest from a single seed you return to the earth.  In  western world creed thought, the command is to give cheerfully and it will be given back to you,  pressed down, shaken together, shall men press into your bosom.  But is this a business principle on which an entrepreneur can rely?

I have a friend who moved from rags to riches, he says, because he learned to give.

"It wasn't a magical formula. I just sensed that if you try to hold on to what you have while others have little, you miss a chance to make both of you feel better. And it was not always money.  Many times in the lean years, I didn't have money to give," he told me.

As he went on, another part of the concept emerged.

"Helping a senior to cross the street with horns honking for both of you to get out of the way. Visiting someone in the hospital who has no family. Buying the drunk on the corner a sandwich when you could have kept it as a lunch for yourself."

Can success be enhanced when business owners begin to give to others?  Know that person at the office who is afraid to share needed information because she is afraid that if she helps you to do your job better, you may get the promotion she wants?  That's the holding onto part  that my friend insists successful people learn quickly to grow beyond. What is also worth examining is the  giving concept's reverse.

What if  a huge portion of our economic woes can be attributed to our simply not giving?  How many chances each day do we  get to give  in some form or the other, and we let the moment pass?  Is it profitable for businesses to engage in this other kind of giving?  As my rich friend would add , "not as a formula but as an act of the heart".

Should business owners examine the potential of this kind of giving to move from corporations making ends meet to organic ones, improving society at large. Can businesses give their way to success? A lot of entrepreneurs who have done so, think yes--without a doubt.

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