Friday, October 19, 2012

Doubt and Visions

Often, we suspect that the most harmful assault against our vision comes from something external to who we are.  Truth is though, the greatest threat  to achieving our goals and objectives is that which lies within.

The moment we focus on progress, as a prosecuting attorney would do,  our own doubt raises a barrage of objections to change our mind, to reduce us to a standstill mode; and alas, to halt our pursuit of our vision. The last time any of us felt like giving up, quitting what we started, was likely the exact moment our  doubt convinced us that 'no way Jose', was  what we wanted for ourselves, even slightly possible.

But that is doubt's job in our lives. In doubt's position description are action verbs requiring doubt to  discourage, confuse, hoodwink , psychologically beat up and spiritually wear down  you, the visionary.

As long as we understand what doubt must do to oppose our vision, we can prepare a stronger offense that will allow us to get past all of  doubt's assaults.

We can get past our doubt's plenteous though empty assaults, with the mere realization that its  schemes work only if we are willing to believe the lie and doubt the truth of where we are headed.That realization in place, we can then extrapolate doubt  from our mindset, and with renewed passion, return to invigorating our vision.                                                            

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