Monday, October 1, 2012

Hopes or Pipe Dreams?

When it comes to moving ahead in life, where should our comfort zones rest?

Reality knocks at the door and it is then that we must decide our best path to tread to meet reality's challenges.Often, a logical progression toward goal will decide our course of action. How we are to stay the course will suggest essentials we need pack in our snap sacks. We are not to fool around with the time wasters of  hopes and pipe dreams, the world warns.

In its thinking, the two are inseparable. Find someone who has faced the same business challenges, the world says, and then  follow that very tried-and-true formula to achieve our objective.  Success will likely follow, it advises. It seems to me that the strategies of engaging hope and that of imitating other's successes are not mutually  exclusive.

 In 1954, McDonalds pioneered  the fast food industry's success model that even today nearly everyone uses.  As a rule, McDonalds followers still attach great importance as to how much lettuce is necessary to make a single burger tasty. I have to wonder what measure of dreams and hopes went into founder Ray Kroc's snap sacks while perfecting the right piece of  lettuce that would not only render each hamburger delicious, but  also cost effective.

Entrepreneurial thoughts like building the McDonalds chain do often come to their recipients, unfinished in the middle of the night. These  visionary insights prompt people like Ray Kroc to keep perfecting quality control that will later give birth to growth in sales. Theses nocturnal insights seem to guide such entrepreneurs to discard the old in order to tread a new path that can add to profits previously realized.

 Such unexpected changes in a business person's direction seem to rely as much on  investments in hope as  they do on the entrepreneur sticking to long tested business know-how. Thus, hopes and dreams do not have to flounder as 'time wasters'.  Indeed, the two may well be the glue that cements the existing sales elements of  your booming  business to its next level of success.


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