Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How To Nurture Your Vision

 Let's  confront a major huddle some encounter once they set out to make a change. Few have problems getting started on a path that they know will benefit them. The challenge usually is to sustain ourselves for the long haul in order to gain the results we hope to enliven. How do we turn our abstract visions into concrete realities?

While most visions have success as a goal, visionary success is not always measured in dollars and cents. New parents envision raising healthy children. The writer may wish to just "tell" a hooking and enriching story.  A nation dares  hope to stabilize its society so that all  its citizens can flourish. Lofty and measurable goals all;  what can we do to sustain our zeal to work toward such accomplishments?

A major step in the right direction is for us to recognize that simply being human can affect both the process and the outcome of our vision. A tweak in our comfort zone habits can often  begin to grow a discipline to reverse visionary sluggishness.  For many, a daily ten-minute break to focus on envisioning what they want to attract, does wonders.

Our human nature will  lull us into a  do nothing and stay comfortable mode. To counter this human inclination, we have to commit to daily disciplines that favor  our visions.

Let's make  a covenant.   Set a time later on, or right now, to become your vision.. Feel the luxury of  whatever you envision as already being in place. Smile as  you do.

I'll see you in two days with another building block to add to your new way of experiencing  life. Remember, habit and practice nurture everything in in your mindset, and in your future.

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