Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Insight: Envisioning Others in Your Great Future

While envisioning your new life, minus every lack you may be experiencing now, why not include the involvement of others in your good future?

History speaks of many olden kings dying not from poverty but from gout.  Gout is a consequence of consuming too many, too rich devitalized foods.  Having everything in life at their beck and call, these pleasure seeking  kings ate themselves to death.  History also records that when French Queen Marie Antoinette was told of the poor not having bread to feed themselves, the queen suggested, "Let them eat cake."

Even today, we talk about achieving balance among the rich, the middle class, and the poor.  Yet  such an achievement is possible only when those who have more; express concrete caring for those who have less. When  envisioning our own  prosperity, our seeing others' joy  as a consequence of our gain should give us great delight in planning our new life.  Spiritual gout, keep in mind, can slow down or rob us entirely of  our vision for a well shod future.

Who do you see with you when you arrive where you are going?  Do you see each achieving their vision for their own life as well? Others will be a part of that great future we are destined to live. It may just be a good thing if, while we are at it, we envision their well being as well.

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