Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just How Powerful Are Words?

Words can hurt.  They can make us laugh.  Words can soothe, they can irritate and rub us the wrong way. But can words change what we desire into the reality that we want?

When others expect what they wish  for to come true, we say 'foolish thinking'. La-La Land dwellers, we call them. We apply the mutually exclusive rule as we proclaim that "you get what you want if you work hard for what you want,  if you don't make mistakes in the process, and if you put something away for a rainy day."

Who can deny the truth of that summation?  But what if while the  La-La-Land dweller commits to all three tenets of  the mutually exclusive rule--any other way is a waste of time and effort-- what if he begins speaking  into existence the goals he hope to achieve?

Creationists assert that the heaven and the earth both manifested from the spoken word.  Evolutionists agree that a sound of some sort had much to do with the earth being formed. A big bang  utilizes the universe's hearing mechanism as much as the sound of a spoken word does.

If an entire galaxy can manifest from sound--spoken in words, or banged from a yet to be discerned Source-- then there is changing power that occurs at the time that someone or something around that sound, hears it.

The Spoken Word, received by hearing, is powerful enough to change space and time.  And if spoken words are powerful enough to change our worldly environment--surely they can change the small  environment where we live and work and eat our suppers.

Does your business space need upgrading? Is your marriage time log on its last leg? Could your health stand a dosage of better care?

Continue doing what you are doing to make the change you know is needed.  Then add to those efforts, your listening to the power of Your  Own Spoken Word.  Time after time, just open your mouth and speak your  change into existence~even if you must do so in the privacy of your parked car. No point in hearing   misunderstanding souls accuse you  of being a La-La Land dweller.  After all,  power for change lives in  words we or they may speak

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