Friday, October 5, 2012

Lift Yourself Up

Every now and then it is important to raise ourselves up.  When we exercise that option we also give ourselves the chance to let go. Letting go is an important thing to do in the kind of world in which we must survive.

Joy is such an important factor in our coming and going.  If we are doing what we love to do in our  busness efforts,  how perfect is that?

In a Washington Post statement the other day,  HUD Secretary  Shaun Donovan happily expressed how much he relishes what he does in his cabinet level capacity.  He attributed his joy to that of  being able to affect the lives of so many Americans for the better.

But if your work is  not quite as fulfilling, find a way to make it a joy for you and those around you.  While our economy restores itself, a lesson we have all learned is how we can never  again take for granted having a job of any sort. We have just pushed through difficult times, and it looks as if we are going to make it. Among other attributes, holding on during those times took endurance and strength. This generation of Americans, fine tuned now to handle most anything, should stand and give ourselves and each other applause.

Enjoy the accomplishment, express some glee, lift yourself and others up; and then get ready to move forward to the next level of self accomplishment.

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