Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ouestions: The Learner's Best Tool.

There are so many information feeds today.

So many feeds that  we scarcely get a chance to examine the information  by way of  intelligent inquiry.  Before we can clarify our thinking on a matter a fact guru, not wanting to be found lacking, adds a barrage of mini-facts to those already given us.

I liken the process to that of being born.  Let's place you in the birth canal.  Before you can figure the direction to take to meet your family face to face, a big sign appears, flashing directional lights that say: Go This Way>>>.

Or maybe our information feed experience is similar to the one of a salmon taking the plunge to swim  upstream.  As he prepares to swim, the big website in the sky advertises a Today Only Special.

For just $97, you can download my course--Upstream With As Little Effort As Possible. If you don't see hundreds of baby salmons within 60-days after  your arrival, I'll refund every penny, no questions asked.

I need questions.  I am not a computer and you cannot  program me to accept information because so-called learned information  has been fed to me.

Scientific laws are all based on an hypothesis proved true of false by scientific inquiryHumans coming through the birth canal or salmons ready to mate after fighting the rough course upstream, require questions.  Effortlessness might be the preference, but effortlessness does not build the character either human baby or adult salmon  will need to move to the next part of the journey.   

Go left or go right? Dodge or stand still?  Forge over or swim around that thing ahead? 

An information feed not subjected to inquiry should be enough for zombies.  Zombies, by nature, are the living dead. On the other hand, salmons and humans and fully alive beings. To the degree that either is willing to question and then to grow along its predestined paths to live, to that same degree will they thrive.

Questions are outgrowths of the learning process. Information feeds of value open the mind to inquiries of value.  What do you think?

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