Monday, October 15, 2012

Visions: Weeding The Weeds

In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, Judaic writers collected Midrashes for seekers of Truth.  A Midrash is a brief story with a learned interpretation attached.  In the day of The Nazarene, Jeshua taught such seeds of thought as parables.  He often let his parables stand on their own, leaving each to be understood  in the heart, and not in the mind, of the listener.

Not so much a parable as a word of wisdom, The Nazarene inquires of his listeners one day  how wise it would be  for a person to pour new wine into  an old wine bag.

In Matthew 9 (17), he asks, "Would not the [reused and weak]  wineskin burst? Spilling the new good wine onto the ground?"

As we  embrace our new Vision For The Rest of Our Life, does it seem practical that we would start from the position of weeding out elements that have  'held us back' from realizing our new place in life into existence?

If so,  then we need let go of  our weeds. Life snuffing weeds cannot contribute one iota to the  vision we need to actualize our change for the better.  Likewise, old weak bags will burst under the weight  of  potent  visions that will usher our bright future into the here and now . We must discard both choking weeds and reused bags, one by one until we are done. Our New Life deserves that much co-operation on our part.

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