Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When Wolves Come

Most of us enjoy  Dances with Wolves  whenever we can view it. If you  have just clicked its 1990 trailer in the YouTube link above, then you have prepped  yourself for today's discussion.

Blinders, the other four senses. and our  many attachments to our present life's location can be distractions from envisioning where we need to go.  The whole bunch of them may become like wild wolves shouting in unison, "Look at me. I insist that you give me your attention right now. Keep your focus on me only."

Hear their demands and then return to envisioning the great change you have decided will be yours for the rest of your life.  In your mind's eyes, see that place  where destiny calls  you.  Yesterday when I started to write this post, my computer became a distraction, demanding that I listen to its whines, and  that I drop whatever I was doing to address its childish whims.

So I quit working on my post to do what I had to do, never losing site of my purpose.  My vision for my goals and future unperturbed, today with gusto, I am back on target. I hope the same spirit of  stick-to-it-tivity for you as you guide your ship to your destined home.

On your way out, take a second look at the Dances with Wolves respiteUse those last few scenes to encourage you to envision  your  next move to get to where your true destiny awaits you. To heck with wolves, agreed? Darlings, that they are!

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