Monday, November 19, 2012

Assessing Where You Are

Many business owners use the month or so ahead of an upcoming year to discern paths.

An objective evaluation of what went wrong juxtaposed to what turned out  right can  be most productive  in moving our businesses forward. As hard as it is to revisit the paths of our mishaps, such an assessment  helps us to uncover required changes needed to attract extra streams of income. It is said that bottom line results, gained in the right way, ought to be just as important  to us as the comfort zones-- from where we hope for our business's stability.

What I have learned in life as well as in business is that,  from time to time and for the sake of my good path, I must dare to be uncomfortable  Like most everyone else, I do not envision struggle.  Yet, I accept that struggle may show up while I pursue the vision I  fully expect to realize.  Assessing where I am at any given moment brings me face-to-face with my unreasonable inclination to live continually in my comfort zone.

I am bigger and more mature than my comfort zone would have me be. So I make covenants with myself in its respect. As I examine my vision and where I want to be a year from now, I must bear my comfort zone's many attempts to convince me to sit pat in its veil of 'this is where I really want to live'.

Its  many attempts serve as  ticklers for me to cling to my objectivity, to access where I am; and then to design a  path that moves me forward. When I take back control from my comfort zone task master, I have learned that Vision always step up to the plate with new and workable solutions to propel me toward Goal!  Don't be afraid to assess where you are.  Its a good thing and that can only make you a winner.

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