Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Confidence: Vision's Life Giver

You hear me often speak of treading the path to become the path.  Huff and puff all we will, we can not arrive at Vision Point without its handmaiden--Confidence!

What is confidence? How does it attract joy, success, love even? Latin derived elements--Con (with) and Fidel (faith)--the word explains itself.  When we act with faith, we act with confidence. It is hard to accomplish any goal without confidence walking ahead of us, beside us and having our backs. So, stripping us of our confidence is stagnation's first offense to induce us to let go of our vision.

But that is stagnation's purpose. It and its emissaries wish to rob us of any awareness that Vision Point awaits us. Stagnation wishes to make us overlook who we were meant to become.

When we overlook who we were meant to become, confidence--having been abandoned-- puts on its hat and  its coat, and departs from the path where our individual  visions so wants to take us. 

As we approach January 2013, and that time when New Years Resolutions are made,  may we do so with confidence. Hopes and dreams need Confidence to manifest Vision Point's fruits, which we so  aspire to call our own. 

Day by day, let us agree to build our confidence in tiny tiny increments.  Then come January 1, 2013, let's reaffirm our vision's path con FidelWe can do this! 

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