Thursday, November 8, 2012

Envisioning America

I have been away at a time when I desired to concentrate on posting helpful content while increasing my blog's traffic.  Such an effort, as you can well imagine, requires a tedious attention to detail.

But this is our country; and citizen participation in the electoral process is a responsibility more than it is a choice.  We desire a country where our business efforts can flourish, and  where through  good education, our children can aspire to a healthy future.  

A patriot is one who not only envisions a prosperous America but one who is willing to see that vision grow.  To sustain  such a vision for our country--untiringly doing our part as citizens, becomes obligatory.  

Beyond voting for the candidates we want in office, let's keep envisioning.  Let us agree to lace our  hopes for America's growth with.efforts to build robust business opportunities, to engender plenty of neighborly caring, and to attune ourselves for even higher visions--and those drives, not just on Election Day.

When the country's visions for itself are realized, so will our own flourish!

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