Monday, November 12, 2012

Is It Clear?

So many times we want to make clear to others our vision's mission .

We call these others, our market.  We wish to influence these others to participate in and to enhance our vision's progression.  From business growth to government agenda, and then to family building--clarity  relaxes others  to hear us out.

Before we can clarify the elements of our mission to others, we need first to be clear on such elements for ourselves.  Our best tool for gaining  self clarity is  to  pace our steps whenever a potential difficulty may arise.  That is to say:

  1.      YOU CAN NOT LEAD WHERE YOU DON'T GO.  It is germane to accept when your challenge requires expertise beyond your experience.  Be clear what the problem is and what you lack in resolving the challenge.  When you can come to terms with both aspects of your huddle, you are ready to call in the right expert to lead where you want to go.
  2.      YOU CAN NOT TEACH WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW. Your greatest drawback when you need to progress your vision onward is to let go of your expert's hand too soon.  Make sure you 'know clearly' before you try to run with the ball alone.  
  3.      SLOW YOUR ROLL, PACE YOURSELF.  Usually it is not that we don't know that time is required to accomplish our  vision's mission.  It is more that we wrongly believe that setbacks along the way mean that we won't be successful. in the long run. And we will not be successful if we give play to such an overwhelming doubt.  Get stubborn--to become the path, you must tread the path. Pace yourself to avoid untoward mishaps.
  4.      GROW YOUR MONEY TREE  by yours truly  offers four progressive steps to help you return to vision's clarity. the very second  you feel stuck.  


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