Friday, December 28, 2012

2013: Because It Is Worth It

Collecting Your Vision

You crouch at the line, one leg behind you, fingers touching the ground, your heart at the ready for the win. 

2013 awaits  your well trained business athleticism and its resolve not to be denied in making  this year--your year.  Its predecessor had set you on a path full of tedious  small details and and a forest  full of  challenges.   As you took on both, you grew objective to their  united bluff to cut you to the bone. 

Little did either know the courage and strength their resistance provided you.

Pacing The Race 

One kilometer into your run, your pacing is where it ought to be. Some are ahead of you, too far ahead of you for this race, in fact.  Your preparation and training smile with you as you spot several runners already slowing down; moving into 'burnout'.  It's a thinking process, your Self reassures you. You shake your head and nod in agreement. You will increase your speed at the  midway point. And then again  when your second wind kicks in as soon as you see your 6K finish line. Farther on, you see half of those in front of you moving to the sidelines,  rushing in desperation to  their helpers with water. What were they thinking? Preparation is everything.

You/ve planned your work...
now work your plan--

At the 3K mark, your helper signals that it's time to refuel your own water.  You feel fine, but you know it is the adrenalin from the excitement of your win potential.  

"No gulping," you've instructed her to remind you, "calm steady deep breaths in between." You stick to the plan.

The Second Wind Win

It's only February. Already sales are increasing. Seems everything you put your hand on turns to gold--figuratively and literally. Confidence has displaced doubt, you press on.

"It's really going to happen," you tell your  Self.  Your Self agrees.

Your helper  has pedaled to a spot in back of the finish line. No one else is ahead of you.  You feel great. Your legs self propel.  You feel the gold ribbon break at your chest.  The crowd cheers.

And as  Forrest Gump did in the movie, you keep running. You run all the way out of the stadium.  It's your win! 

2013-- At last, your year is here!  


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