Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ask The Best From Yourself

Decide To Be Dynamic
 Not a soul on this earth exists who does not possess the essentials necessary to live a dynamic life.

If humans are programmed at all, we are designed to  grow and to excel. Our sole limitation from achieving personal dynamism --and therefore business dynamism--is that our belief about this truth has been tampered with by outside influences. These influences come about as we displace our own thinking with that  of the many we accept as authorities. Are you ready to take a chance on your inherent wisdom?

Replacing What's Mediocre With The Whole Enchilada
What is our comfort zone, can also lock us in to mediocrity. That is true especially for goals in business. I know entrepreneurs who never accepted that 'the economy' was the problem over the last few decades. They built businesses, hired employees, and then built larger businesses in the face of what others feared and  over which others became overly cautious..   

Initially, the dynamic 'small business owners' did not have the whole enchilada either.  Still, they  stayed hungry for it. They anticipated its deliciousness. They were absolutely certain, that one day, they would savor it on their largest plate.  Are you hungry for your business's vision to grow and to excel? Do you have in your mindset a virtual  plate at least  large enough for the whole enchilada?

Who Is In Your Circle of Five?
The adage is that the  top five people in our circle of friends, reflect who we are. Open your cell phone. Identify your network of associates who influence you the most. Are you satisfied with your collection's dynamism?  Do the five help, stagnate or offer zilch to you as you reach for your whole enchilada? Should you replace one or two of the five?

Plan Your  Work To Become Dynamic And Then Work That Dynamic Plan
Fall back on yourself for a change. You become your authority.  What you don't know or understand, contact first your new Circle of Five.  Ask for their wisdom and the wisdom of those in each  of their Circle of Five. Once  your plan is dynamic enough to proceed, begin in baby steps to work that dynamic plan.

Now, you are good to go.  You've asked  for the best from yourself.  Your dynamism is well conceived.  Expects its healthy birth...soon.

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