Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blogging And Social Media

My grandfather often said that we must stop where we are and then stand back and decide which road we must take to get where we are headed. Blogging is a strange animal.

Its present scream is that all bloggers need learn how to manage a well designed social media plan. 

To accomplish such a noble feat, I found myself  reviewing several systems that might possibly move my own little information hub forward.   That situation alone forced me to sort  through what is available, and then to cull from the various systems--that which might mentor me specifically. This stop in the middle of the road is exactly the head-scratching one, of which my grandfather spoke.

There are mentor-based blogs filled with massive details.  There are guru blogs which repeat or copy and revise what has already been said by many others.  Then, there are distinctively enriching blogs, so filled with good thinking, easily pointing the way for  eager to grow bloggers like me, to test.

Start where you are even if you have to back tract, my grandfather also encouraged.

An important part of living our vision is to cover all of its basics. Social Media is one basic that each blogger must review in technique and format.

How viral one's blog becomes, can determine who your  loyal listeners will be. How well received your Internet presence is, will only add to your vision's magnetic potential.  After all,  it  is your unique and refreshing Vision that attracts others  to your blog site with a similar Vision.

Call its rewards--traffic, SEO rankings, or On Mark Trending Discussions--our blogs are mere  invitations to those with similar Visions to make us a part of their  frequent information gathering habits. 

Social Media is not the only way to grow our reader audiences. Yet, there is no denying that social media is vital to our cause.  Should the time come for us to join forces with a  social media consultant, our first hand familiarity with reputable social media sites will be invaluable to that quest.

If you plan to test the waters on several  such websites, it could not hurt to experience the site first as a regular member. Many fellow members will likely become your blog's readers, and that's a good thing.

Social Media awaits your blog's  Vision and its expansion.  Make the  social media connection. Observe how the site operates first hand and then stand back and see where you are. Start the next lag of  your blog's growth right where you are.




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