Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fire Up Your Mover-and-Shaker

So You Want To Be An Income Producer?
Work places a great toll on our mental processes.  Press a few keys on our computer, walk to the nearest coffee  hub and then back to pressing our keyboards again. Overworked minds and under worked bodies add up to a laggard production. Laggard production can be expected to fall short of any business's goal  to earn a decent  return on investment. What does generate and sustain unlimited income is our willingness to take our business's growth to its  next level.

Taking The Plunge
 Have you noticed that when you set out to accomplish a goal, the initial step is always the hardest?.  Want to get washboard abs?  Those first few practice sessions are always the ones to which  you  are the most resistant.  Yet, if you commit to your exercise plan, the dislike wears away. Lo and behold, you begin to look forward to each new challenge session. 

Firing yourself up for business growth works much the same way. As you undertake a new--or improve on an existing--effort. you have to allow for that initial period of questioning. As you begin your business's upgrade, recall how a ship must creep ever so slowly as it leaves the dock.

Yet as soon as it gains a decent distance from shore, the ship picks up speed. Deeper into sea, it can  propel itself at whatever great speed its captain may command. We are to view our business goals as replicas of that ship.  And as our business's captain, our 'mover-and-shaker' part is to steer our ship in the direction of  multiple streams of income. 

Gaining Distance 
 If goal commitment is where we are to begin, how do we sustain the will to earn more money? In other words, what must we do after gaining some distance from shore? That every business operates differently goes without  saying. As you advance  into your business's sea, add to your initial check list, any important wisdom the distance you've already traveled, has given you.

Helpful  as well will be the need to:

  1. Remove yourself from all who discourage you.. Success is as much about belief and follow through as it is  about putting in the hours.
  2. Commit to your health. Put it on your To-Do List. Thinking and planning and follow through  just work better when our health functions as it should. 
  3. Everyday, do all that you can, and then let go.  Start afresh and  worry-free, the next day.  Answers often become clear with a good night's sleep.
Move and Shake
Lastly, from your good health, cull Energy because all life is energy. Take care to make every move from a point of enthusiasm. And then, believe. Believe with all the gusto that you possess, that you  are the captain of a thriving going business; positioned to make money! 




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