Monday, December 31, 2012

Realizing Business Hope Into Existence

What Solves Problems?

Malcontent and worry do not solve problems. As soon as we let go of worry and malcontent, we are freed to think clearer. Clarity--inspired by hope--solves problems.

Taking life in stride is the primary advantage that the world's greatest minds have over  the rest of us. When faced with challenges, great minds decide upfront that  becoming uptight neither  pays mortgages,  nor satisfies demanding bosses, nor reverses failing school grades. Great minds dare to hope that for every problem, there is a solution. The key, these minds  know, is to maintain clarity where all solutions  lie.

If we meet problems with  responses derived from malcontent or from worry, we merely increase their ability to further disturb us. 

The Truth About Giving Up

 If we give up before resolving a problem because our first response answers don't work right away, we initialize an hypnotic and paralytic state of mind we call 'disturbance'.

At best, disturbance morphs into that part of life that will not unravel until it is met with patience and  calmness. Symbiotically connected, patience and calmness shed light on problem solutions that we already know; but solutions which a disturb mindset  keeps us from realizing.

Realizing Hope Into Existence

From time to time, many of us regress to  business doubting that likely festers into business worries. When we do, somehow we still hope to discover a path that will  maintain or  recover  prosperity.  Offered the choice between planning for the worse and that of hoping for the best, most will  choose the latter.

Why?  Because we  inherently believe that Human Hope changes all aspects of life for the better. In those rare moments when we succumb to the weight of business reversals, the persistent ask ourselves what we must do to realize hope into existence again. For hope is clarity's favorite address.

What if, in the case of hope, we only need  to unlearn wrongly acquired thinking as to problem upheaval? What if, instead of seeking complex paths to resolve a setback, we use the same time to again realize hope into existence?  What if, our first response to any disadvantage would merely require that we activate such a realized hope? .

Would undaunted hope lead us to simply 'taking it easy' and then 'letting it go'?  Could the creative power of unleashed hope grow our businesses to an even better position than they had been before  the  doubting and worries seduced us?  

I'll say it again. Want the benefits of Activated Human Hope? Take it easy, and then let the worries go. Hope gives rise to calmness and patience. Calmness and patience not only  attract clarity--they also give rise to...more hope.

Have a great 2013; abundant with hope, with clarity, and with prosperity.



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