Monday, December 17, 2012

The New Year Ahead

What Counts

If you encountered a few setbacks in 2012, consider them instructive learning builders, par for the course of operating a business.  Such builders can only be rightfully deemed waste if we do nothing to reverse the effect of their setback.

I once worked  for a mentor who called a few of us into his office to discuss issues that appeared to land lock us into imminent paralysis. My team members and I had been trained by others to belly-ache about the dire predicament in which we found ourselves. My mentor slapped his hand on his desk, stood and stroked his chin. Silence filled the air as he turned to look our way..  He said that anything the problem we faced could do to us--if we used our heads--WE could undo.

Undoing a Tough Place To Be In

Also known as digging our way out of the tunnel, undoing any resistance to progress is more a craft than it is an art form. To reverse such pressures, we must be prepared to get started  in the dark of our tunnels.  We try this, we experiment with that; whatever comes to mind, until we hit. When we hit, it feels like magic. That, only because we devised many trial and error possibilities that led us nowhere close to the obligatory Light at our tunnel's end. A mission well worth undertaking, you are apt to nod your head in agreement.

Here's The Thing

The countless tries before our hit did not work because they became powerful though erroneous  thinking, which persuaded us to believe that any hope to undo the ill fated circumstance, did not exist.   Time plus effort suggests otherwise.

If we start our shot in the dark to reverse  our setback now, by New Year's beginning that little Light that can shine our  way out of our tunnel may soon appear Anything an unanticipated predicament can do to slow down our progress--if we use our heads--we can undo its effect.

Time Plus Effort

Have a good New Year!

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