Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Passion of It All

A business vision  without passion is not much of a business vision at all

What it takes to become an entrepreneur, either on or offline, is passion. Now passion is that inexplicable yearning to do what you do well and to do it with heart, simply because--it expresses who you are! 

The building blocks of going into business for one's self have always been time, sweat; and know-how.  No one can expect success in any field without all three being present. But here is the rub.

A good ninety-percent  99%) of the time, success in any field is held together by that glue called passion. Know-how in our field will get us started.  Time will provide the space we need to grow our appeal to a broad range of  potential customers. And yes, sweat will sustain us through those times when answers don't come as soon as we want them to come. Yet it is our vision's passion for what we do that will magnetically attract those customers and then to change them into to purchasers.

Do you tap into your passion at least daily?

If no, why not?  The bath you took yesterday does little good today.  And by tomorrow...well, you get my drift. Passion is that same sort of benefit provider..  Like baths, passion must be refreshed. Ask yourself why this vision? Ask yourself why  not some other business? The answer to both will likely land you directly in your passion zone.

Acknowledge monetary success as an inherent passion for starting a business.

As strange as it may seem, some hesitate to stand before a mirror, look themselves squarely in the eye and proclaim:  I am in business to make money and I intend to do so today.

Separate passion from selfishness .

Josh is a famous Grammy winner. Years, ago we worked together for a community development  project. Then in his early twenties, Josh was already being courted by a slew of music producers. His passion had always been to help the poor. He felt guilty about  the prospect of making the money his singing career promised to bring him, when so many around him were so  poor.  I reminded Josh that the more money he would likely make, the more he would have to  give to the poor. 

He got to live both of his passions.  Josh acted on the realization that he could do good for the needy by earning more through a professional  singing career.  If we believe that earning more is less spiritually rewarding than earning less money--we are mistaken.  Have the passion to grow your business,  to grow your passion and  to grow your will to help others--all at the same time. 

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