Thursday, January 31, 2013

Attitude Change: Who's On First?

It's A 'Bad Rap' Life
First it was the egg, then came coffee, and oh,oh-chocolate!

All were 'scientifically proven' to be the worst things humans could  ever put in their mouths --much less chew, swallow, and  then digest. But check this out.

Now, a later generation of food authorities have declared that chocolate and coffee are loaded with health giving anti-oxidants. As for the dreaded egg yoke--well, the new authorities say that it provides a nice dose of vitamin D; proven to raise the absorption rate of most every other nutrient we  might consume. Talk about defamation of character.  It's a 'bad rap' life!

Cutting To The Chase
Does anyone else see a similar bad rap in the swapped conventional wisdom about business and wealth gain in our country?
  • Bad Rap # 1: ALL businesses are unfair, greedy and care only about what they want.
  • Bad Rap #2:  Rich people lack a good heart; something ALL 'not rich folk' inherit at birth.
  • Bad Rap #3:  "Collect all the money in the world, divide it evenly among every man, woman and child. In a year's time--ALL the rich again will be rich, and  ALL the poor will again be poor,"
If any one of these bad raps is correct, then let's ALL give up on one another. 

Let's forget about hopes, dreams and the true 'Spirit of Humankind'.  Indeed, let's just sit around and judge and whine and complain and belittle the people who live across the track from us.

Ralph Waldo Emerson Wrote
A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,

Martin Luther King, Jr. Dreamed
[That for the good of ALL Americans, we would ALL one day, grow less foolishly consistent minds.]

Steven Spielberg's Production of 'Lincoln' (The Movie) Pleaded
"Let's end this war now."

Our  work life and our educational growth is how we begin to leave behind bad rap attitudes and  how we abandon the war among "Income Earning Groups" in our  country.  

I'm in.  How about you? Polarization is not all that it is cracked up to be.

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  1. GOOD RAP Rule # 1:

    Life just works so much smoother when you don't have a monkey on your back.