Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Reflection: Hoping For The Best

The Value of Life
When we stop going through the motion, it is then that we are able to realize that life is a gift. When we stop going through the motion, it is then that we can recognize that every living being matters.  When we stop going through the motion--we have reverence for the importance of  souls living around us.

Newtown, Connecticut
By way of a  December 2012   massacre, America and the world lost twenty-six of our  peers. All of them trusted us to keep their elementary school safe from the violent harm--which that late fall morning--awaited them inside their classrooms..

Among  the 26 were sons and daughters, sisters and brothers-- who are still sorely grieved by those who loved them the most. Among our late peers were future pastors, business experts, missionaries, inventors, construction builders, world leaders--soccer moms and little league dads..

Yes, these Newtown, Connecticut citizens awoke earlier that day expecting to come home in the afternoon.  Not one of them did.

What Do We Owe Them?
This loss will be counted in history one way or the other.

What value will we assign to the stolen lives of those unsuspecting Americans  who simply went to school that day to learn, or to teach? It seems to me that the supreme question is how will the rest of us demonstrate that we give a hoot?

My clear position is this. Whatever it takes to make sure I don't lose more innocent peers this way--I want to give that 'whatever' now, now! 

Three first responses to protect all Americans from such violence, have emerged.  As questions they are:

  1. Where are we falling short on mental health treatment that such murders can occur?
  2. How much gun control is needed to prevent the mentally challenged from having access to weapons, that in their hands, results in the taking of unaware lives going about their normal routine?
  3. This could happen to our loved ones, or us.  We give a hoot.  What's our expedient plan   for ending such massacres?

Our Call To Action:
Each day that we delay our decision to stand up for our Newtown peers,  we give our okay for the occurrences to reoccur. Will you make a decision to stand up and be counted as a part of the solution? Oh, how necessary your caring is.

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