Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goodhearts: Non-Profit Careers

Wanting to Help Others
Not-for-profit corporations exist in all 50 states. Starting a career as a team member for any such organization will take a certain kind of maturity. Thus, it is good to  thoroughly understand the non-profit's mission before you pledge your commitment to be of service.

Alongside reviewing the mission statement (how the corporation intends to help others), give a careful eye as to its legitimacy as a non-profit. If those two checkpoints prove okay for you, you'll want to know the ratio of its budget allocated to  mission outreach  in comparison to to that of its administrative costs. A healthy line item for administrative purposes should be in the neighborhood of about 15%.

More Than A Good Heart
After understanding a non-profit's mission, and then agreeing that you want to become one of its team members, you have an important examination to make. True, you have the heart to participate in its mission's efforts. But what else can you bring to the table?

Do you possess people skills enough to cooperate with and learn from those already a part of the office?  Do you have managerial experience or know-how to take on leadership roles if called to do so? Can you sell the corporation's mission to those outside of the office, helping to raise funds to increase the non-profit''s effectiveness and thus, its sustainability?

What more than your good heart will you offer as your willingness to serve? Make up your mind about these questions before you apply. Your honest answer to each will prepare you well for your interview stage.

Salary and Stewardship
Because non-profits must trim administrative costs to  about 15% of budget, their salary structure is not always competitive with that of their profit-motivated counterparts.  So a certain amount of stewardship of personal finances in respect to that difference may be wise.

A prospective employee's salary may  not be equal to that of a friend who works as an investment banker. Yet, a non-profit's team member's salary will easily afford a living that can meet all of your needs and  some discretionary income for your wants.

But have you ever noticed that the more you give to help others, the more you seem to have? That is how you must view the time and effort you offer your services to your chosen non-profit organization.  While  the salary can be less.  the rewards of service truly do appear to attract the gap difference from many other unsuspecting sources.

Career or Limited Time?
You are in the driver's seat.. Whether your service will be  one that lasts a career or one that jump starts your work experience--that's entirely up to you. Having worked for a non-profit, I have to tell you--my service time proved to be one of the best experiences of my professional life.

Follow through on your desire to throw someone else a life line.  Taking a position as a team member for a not-for-profit organization promises a worthwhile use of anybody's time. And like me, I think you will never regret having  done so.

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  1. Work is an expression of the soul as much as it is a reflection of your bank account.