Friday, January 11, 2013

Hackers: So It Goes

Running Against The Wind

Hackers stripped my  computer's operating system of... well, you name it. I would like to believe that their doing so was more random than a vicious act by design. Either way, I had to shrug off the delay in getting back home to my landing page.

Entrepreneurs know these things can happen. Our thick skinned outlook on life helps us to take such assaults by falling back on our faith. At least, that is what this entrepreneur did.

 Disney character,  Jiminy Cricket  once sang a ditty that said it best.

                                                   The race is won by running
                                                    there is no other way.
                                                    And if you keep on running
                                                    you WILL win one day

Enough said, my creative juices are again flowing at peak performance .And not all during this down time was a loss. Although my legal pad  and pen  paled in swiftness by comparison to  my keyboard, still I persisted.

Because persistence is what entrepreneurs do. And faith is how we get done what needs to be done regardless of reversals along the way that simply happen!

In part, President Calvin Coolidge said that, Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence...persistence and perseverance alone are omnipotent.

Meet Setback With Determination

The very moment that my posts began to unify themselves, the exact second that their path led in the right direction, was when the hacker timed his assault.

The options were clear.  I could either over-react or calmly press on. I chose not to move until I could discern where and to whom I should go for help. Meanwhile, my faith hovered close by..

The experience led me to understand that--
  • Solutions to  any difficulty are isolated only when I  expect them to be isolated
  • I do not do 'surrender to adversity'
  • Process is as important as outcome.  The race is as much a growth experience as the win   
Calvin Coolidge and Jiminy Cricket express the same wise advice.  And it is this. Life defeats us only if we succumb to  pressures that we ought to stand up to in the first place...and then to which we ought to counter-challenge their effect on us, in the second place.

In a nutshell, we call such a standing up--perseverance, determination, running the race with courage. Each victory over what is not right seems to provide us with an extra strength to counter the next  negative experience, lurking somewhere in the dark.

I'm fired up.  See you tomorrow.

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