Thursday, January 17, 2013

IN THE PAINT: What I Do Know

Global Warming:
Many argue that global warming's real danger lies somewhere in the future.  Granted, none of us will be around to see the worst effect global warming might have on the planet. But future generations will.

When President John Kennedy gave the okay for the Alan Shepard flight  that launched us into the space age, many thought the president's doing so was just plain foolishness.  Life saving health care technology, computer chips in our cars, the smaller home version of the microwave, and the convenient mobiles/androids in our pockets all resulted from President Kennedy's agreeing to pioneer America's exploration into outer space.

If we begin to apply ourselves toward rescue solutions for global warming now, we will make progress. We have sharp scientists all over the globe. As we explore what we need to know about the universe to prepare for known threats to our planet, we will gain other benefits from such an exploration. If we want to, we can do something about global warming now

The Economy
Everything lies in all of us coming together and doing what we can to keep people working.  Every working person buys, spends, even makes charitable contributions.  When people  begin to do all three, others watching, have the confidence to invest.  Investors supply capital for employing companies to grow.  When companies grow, they expand, and then they hire again. It's a cycle, you see.

 If every employer who can, would add one employee to their workforce now, the economy will mature and then continue to expand, ad infinitum. Profits, profits, profits!

Patience And Kindness Rule
As soon as we commit to giving up our own addictions to hating, resenting and judging, all sorts of problems will fall by the wayside. When we are ready to stop others who are contaminated with aberrant behaviors from acting out, we will make such a commitment. We must let patience and kindness rule throughout our day. Then  we can stand back and watch toxicity remove itself from our environment, and  from our society.

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