Friday, January 4, 2013

INSIGHT: Who's On First?

Who's On First?

Abbott and Costello's comedic exchange between two fans at a baseball game 'Who's On First', is a radio classic.  Apart from being  hilarious, the sketch's dialog points out the human need for clarity. Said in another way, clarity between two humans requires that each express their  unique identities. Who we are is what we bring to the table in our interpersonal relationships, and in our intended service of  good to our world.

I see it all of the time when I  visit blog sites. A good blogger often brings  inspiring and  helpful information to his readers.  Between his lines, who he is shines through, imparting authority. 

The opposite is also true. When we have not accepted the uniqueness of our true identity, seldom do we exhibit either clarity or authority. To paraphrase Abbott and Costello's  wording--someone is on first, but we can't expect that someone to be us if we won't step up to the plate and demonstrate exactly who we are capable of becoming.

What's On Second?

When we do not live from who we are meant to be, we take on the identities of those around us. That choice makes us less of a first rate 'who' and renders us more of a second rate 'what'. What's on second.

There is not a thing wrong with learning from great mentors.

Mentors teach us the ropes.  At some point however, weening ourselves from a total dependency on our mentors becomes inevitable. When we don't grow into our real identity, we cheat life and those around us because we are not living from our best. Second-rate and mediocre may be comfortable for a while, but  we soon  realize  that we deserve so much better.

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