Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Who's Who Pushing For The Economy

Higher Education:
University of Phoenix
Though many colleges and universities offer splendid educational opportunities, the University of Phoenix has raised the bar.

 In addition to  training students to fill the millions of good paying  unfilled positions now available, the University of Phoenix provides a dynamic alumni program aimed at re-connecting with former graduates who may need assistance locating such opportunities.

Like  the University of Phoenix, other responsible higher education institutes should consider potential avenues that can assist graduates as they merge into life after college.  Akin to a warranty of the graduates' college cost investments, such targeted assistance can uncork stubborn bottlenecks that many times result in some past graduates standing for unemployment--when they could be filling available good paying positions.

Innovative thinking, University of Phoenix.

Corporate Expansions:
Walgreens/Food Oasis Stores
Around mid-July 2011, Walgreens CEO, Corey Wasson pledged a 5-year venture to create and open at least 1,000 Food Oasis Stores. Wasson deemed the operation as a social responsibility. "Twenty- three million Americans live in food deserts--places where it is difficult to find fresh and healthy foods."

As a consequence, over 5,000,000 children in the many food desert areas are at risk for diabetes, cancer, obesity. Until 2016, Walgreens will continue to convert and open  at least 1,000 store locations across the country..

It is safe to say that  the Walgreens/Food Oasis Stores venture will offer job and career positions along the way.

Lowes Stores
Lowes Stores announced today that 55,000 jobs in 63 Georgia locations are available. Of the 55,000 opportunities for which work seekers may apply, many are  part time positions.  Students, seniors--you name it, take advantage!Media Award of The Day

WMOQ Radio 92.3 FM
Boswick-Monroe, GA

Hats off, "Q-Radio".  You give new meaning to 'Country' radio stations. Keep broadcasting work opportunities for your listeners (like the Lowes Stores announcement above)  Thanks a barrel full , "I'll Always Love You" .


  1. It is nice to read that some corporations are heloing to grow the economy, for the better of us all. And, good of you to report the growth and job opportunities for your readers.

  2. Ruth, the options are to do nothing or to help turn things around. In later posts,I will add more movers and shakers to the "Who's Who" List.

    Americans working together can overcome anything. Great seeing you again. Thanks.