Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pursue Your Wings

The Dreams of The Enlightened
The truth about life is that our thoughts often arrive back to front--the cart before the horse, so to speak. By that I mean, we trust more in second hand learning from others than we trust in first hand realizations from our already enlightened Selves.

Intuition is a powerful beginning for enlightenment. Were there no intuitive selves to 'just know' and then to dream and create and invent, it would be difficult to imagined what progress--if any--our world would  have made by now.

Desire, Obsess, Make A Fool of  Yourself
Albert Einstein claimed to have realized his Theory of Relativity  in a flash of a second. Then, he said that it took him almost twenty years to explain  to the scientific community the details of what he saw in that second's vastly illuminating flicker.

And, can you imagine how the gifted Noah lived through the haunting put downs of his neighbors all those years it had to have taken to construct the ark?

What about George Washington  Carver's discovery of  the many hundreds of uses for the plain old peanut? It's easy to understand how unimportant his laboratory work was perceived by his peers of lofty college professors. Today, industries across the globe profit from the results of Carver's obsessions with his 'unimportant' discoveries.

Geniuses obsess and persist; persist and obsess--thus offering fine food for witch hunters and envious spreaders of  ridicule, both plenteous on every corner.

Want It? Pursue It
What's IT?

They are called Eagle's Wings. Every self sustaining business must acquire eagle's wings  to  soar high enough to  rise above  imposing circumstances. Because on the horizon, good can await us.  Yet when our seperate views remain obstructed by immediate concerns, we won't be able to navigate toward our prosperity.

How do we pursue wings acquisition? Like all geniuses before us, we must obsess and persist, persist and obsess.  And then...

Coming  Next: 'Promised Land'

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