Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reciprocity: An Insight On Gifting

The Art of Gifting

Why give?  Is giving inherent, or we do we learn to bear gifts simply because doing so demonstrates our  political correctness? Certainly, gifts that help others demonstrate kindness on our part. Kindness certainly does extends beyond an act of political correctness.

Often beneficiaries to our gifts can seldom hide their excitement.  Their  feelings of happiness spill over to us. So it is safe to say that any heart-sourced giving to another person leaves both the receiver and the giver with a good  measure of joy.  Such  free will gifts  carry with them a compelling magnetic force that attracts random good back to us.

Business Giving And Reciprocity

Will business gifts that are offered to customers to induce sales also reap the same  increase of good? Measure for measure is the rule of reciprocity. In computer parlance, we say  in another way, "garbage in, garbage out."

To answer,  business reciprocity will occur to the same degree that our inducement  gift to the customer is heart-sourced.  To determine if our sales' inducement is heart sourced, we need only weigh  if our offering would be a fair deal for us as a customer should we find ourselves on the receiving end of the  proposed sales' giving.

Making Giving A Part of Your Business Vision

When writers and bloggers compose, a basic tenet of  the art form is that we must first consider  our audience. Business owners can not go wrong when they ask who are my customers? 

Building on that initial inquiry, the next question has to be what do my customers need?  When you find the collective need that your audience/customers would like to have fulfilled--you must build your inducement sales pitch around that need. Your heart sourced giving to meet your customers' need will likely result in a fulfilling reciprocal good  moving in the path of your business orbit.


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