Monday, January 28, 2013

Selecting Your Future's Path

Preparing For The New Economy
Previous generations had it easier. Their paths to their future offered choices based on the idea that one might decide a single profession, pursue its coursework at an institute of higher learning  and upon graduation--begin a  much hoped-for lifetime career.

As many options of employment exist now as were available in the past. Today's choices, though more technical, are  indeed just as plentiful. While some earlier ways of earning a living  have slipped away, newer work opportunities now compete alongside some old line favorites. 

Business CEO's, doctors, lawyers and professors  will always be needed. Trades like construction development are other ways of earning a living that will  likely always be around as well.  Yet, the technology boom has  happened, and its explosion has changed how we must look at the global marketplace and at all future careers.

Entrepreneur and/or Hiring Yourself Out
Your beginning step will be to decide an educational path.  Whether you choose college, tech school or an apprenticeship--either will send you on your way  in a positive direction.  To get started, you must  first define who you are and what you want to do that will build your earning capacity to its best now, and later

Today's global marketplace is indeed so vast that some ever consider preparing for multiple streams of income. Not at all a new concept, previous generations of parents have consistently encouraged sons and daughters to learn a trade.

A trade--something you can do with your hands--will prove a source of income when traditional jobs fail you. Today, the computer--as hand trades have previously done--now serves as an additional source of earning a living as well. To be certain, making extra money by either or both means, couldn't hurt. Entrepreneurs often get started this way, and then turn such small ventures into growing big businesses.

Where The Money Is
You  can find where and how to earn a living--where you look. Your key strategy then must be to travel toward your money's location with intentionality and with confidence. Contrarily, the moment you believe  rumors that the economy offers little prospect; will be the very moment you will cancel much that lies ahead for your massive earning potential. Be of good courage

Strive toward what you want. Your money will be there when you arrive.

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