Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Starting Over II: Onward and Upward

The  Gathering Table
In by-gone days, proponents of opposing views on an  issue important to each side, often convened at a round table.  The idea was to completely eliminate the designation that anyone's seating was more important than another's.  While a square  table could easily reserve a lead 'chair' at its head; by it's very shape, a round table implied that all who sat became equal to each other in rank and status.

When men and women of all sides are deemed equal, an optimal discussion of all issues can better ensue.

Extenuating Circumstances
There is an old business reflection about change. It is this. Change must be wanted.

With TV and Internet news, talk radio show debates,  and local bar and beauty shop discussions--few things happen in our society that does not invite  all of our opinions. Opinions are like this. As inevitable as change is right now, some will want change, while some will not.

Each of us must therefore come to the round table.  What do we want? As private citizens in our neighborhoods, as a nation, as a part of the global community--what do we want our change to be?

Actionable Choices
Yes, we must choose. What choices do we have as ordinary everyday people today?

  • We can choose to 'focus on the family'. That is, we must realize the importance of family values, rituals, and togetherness.
  • We can choose to show our children  how to use money, how to earn it, and how they must save for unexpected circumstances.
  • And, we can develop a sense of community  that encourages us to recognize circumstances that threaten; circumstances which we should--as a community--address immediately. 
Let us embrace the change we face, rather than resist that change. Let's each assume a personal responsibility for its positive outcome. Blaming others, we now know, changes little; and in most cases--makes certain issues even more difficult. This time, let's make change work for US. 

Onward and upward! 

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