Tuesday, January 22, 2013

That Uneasy Feeling of Starting Over

Coming To Terms
The advantage that  fiction writers have over other professionals is that we work from the understanding that what we write first is not only a draft, but a first draft.

However  filled with great lines, crisp dialog, or grand  scenes our first draft may be,  each such endearing creation  is subject to being cut. Cut not only during our manuscript's first editing , but  during the many revisions often required before it  is finally ready for publication.

OUCH! Juggling characterizations, plot points and yes,endings; is seldom a small task. From the moment we type our first word, that juggling becomes a given. We even hope for that face-off  with the parts, which we must eliminate should we expect to advance our story forward.

Team Work/Change Adjustment
When 'something does not work',  writers and management team members alike ask, "What's wrong here?"

To the degree that either are willing to really know, the faster the answer will come. When the answer does come, both can decide on protential options to fix what is not working.

Objectivity is problem resolution's best friend. Oh, my, how difficult  it is to let go of that wonderful scene that is likely the best you have ever written in your  life!  Subjectivity aside, it does nothing for either plot or storyline--it's got to go.

As a management team member, what's not working is this wonderful solution you created that  consistently eradicated the same problem  in the past . Now, the problem has built an immunity to the tactic! Subjectivity aside--you need a better cure.

Starting Over
Truth now at your ship's helm, adjustments for change can begin. This is the stage where that uneasy feeling about starting over ought to leave you. I don't have to tell you to break the big problem  into it's separate elements.  You already know that is how you start over.

Patience will enhance whatever your team does--patience with the problem and with each other.  If recognition is the beginning of change, you are well on your way.

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