Sunday, January 20, 2013

VISION: Something In The Air

Does it not feel good to anticipate progress in our national well being? There is something in the air that suggests to me that good things are about to happen for all of us.

Our country has just come through a wide expanse of forest that tried us.  Thick with crowded trees and thorny brier patches loaded with thistles; we made it. None the worse from the wear and tear, the experience  actually made us better.

Now, this generation can teach our children that comfort does not mean victory; challenge does not mean defeat. The art of life lies in how well we hold onto our character and our vision,  in either situation.

The Vision
The land of the free and the home of the brave  is an appropriate line from our national anthem. Its poetry interprets the promise our founding fathers envisioned for America's future.

From all over the world they had come, ousted from homelands too insufferable at the time to stay and to try to make a go of it. The colonies alone had held promise for them. Every well blended American generation since has striven to keep the founding fathers' initial vision alive. But a people must remain strong in order  to insure either  bravery or freedom.

Strength is the offspring of good healthy bodies, a thriving economy; and a securely protected commonwealth. When we join forces as Americans always have joined forces; we guarantee passing our long lived national vision on to our children.

There is something in the air, waiting for us and our posterity If we build camaraderie to protect the promise of our American vision, we will pass its special strength giving benefits on to those who follow behind us.

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