Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Are You Building?

Don't Discount The Trades
My friend (we'll call him Jerry) became a multimillionaire in his early thirties. Back in the day, that was like being a billionaire now.  In fact, as we speak,  Jerry is  a billionaire. We'll talk more about his progress in a later blog.

First generation Americans, Jerry and( his wife) Janet pioneered  an often copied remodeling business that serviced the whole of  Los Angeles County.  Starting out as a carpet layer for his cousin's fledgling  flooring company, Jerry revolutionized what everyone else was doing to expand marketing techniques and competitiveness in the  home improvement industry.

Here is the thing to remember.  Need governs a  construction business's progress. Whether upgrade or new construction, if you've got the skills for a particular trade, customers will grow your business for you..

Home owners find that  maintenance of some sort  is needed almost every year. And if you've kept pace with the current demand for new construction housing, that demand is becoming inexhaustible. Smart general contractors--seeing the opportunities ready now--are smiling broadly all the way to the bank.

Cream Floats to The Top
Make allowances for your beginning, whichever trade you choose to pursue as your line of work. Should you have the good fortune to reap gains right away, be appreciative.  Then apply yourself to turn that gain into ever greater gains. There is an old marketing saying: when the light shines on you, work even harder to make it continue to shine.

Start-up businesses have always been plenteous in the construction industry.

Often in the building trades, time eliminates those who don't understand that real success comes to those willing to hang-in-there when competition sets in.  Cream's destiny has always been to float to the top. One construction entrepreneur in a thousand will possess both the intention and the confidence to float to the top. 

If you are going to stake your claim  to make big money in any construction business, you be that one!

Humble Yourself to Success
Remember Jerry? His quiet beginning as a carpet layer pushed him to find ways to take home a larger paycheck than what his cousin could afford to pay him. Jerry told me that he figured out that a much needed  pay raise would only be possible should he  find more homeowners in need of a new floor treatment of any kind.  He made up his mind to find every single such homeowner. The rest is history.

Are you ready?
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