Monday, February 18, 2013

Awesome Notes on America

A Vibrant People Given To Hope
It's been fun populating these pages with a fictional emphasis on our Valentines Day custom. Who does not like the thought of being able to give and to receive love?

Sometimes we bloggers can be so serious with  our branding that our readers want to experience a relief of some sort. February, with its short month and its several reminders to care for others, is the perfect time to change the pace of things.

We Americans are a vibrant people given to hope, and rarely is anything more hopeful than love.

We have only a few days left before we must end this hiatus. Today's second part act  in this Play of  American Love celebrates Presidents Day. A wonderfully responsibly lady friend placed both short videos on her blog.

And seeing, I so wanted to share them  with you. Stay in love and in hope...and enjoy these two shorts now.

To watch the first, click:

To watch the second, click:
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  1. Hello adults. Today, were you a good example of the love and the wisdom we teach to our watching children?