Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cupid's Soliloquy

[Entrance: Stage Right]
Cupid Faces His Audience:

So, here I am.

Ready to take on another day's work. [Checks his watch]
It's almost midnight.  Almost the so called "Big Day."

All the fanfare started when  mortals came up with the scheme about February 14.

Valentine!  That's right, his name was St. Valentine. Mortals are typically filled with  ideas.

We angels don't go around inventing such commemorations.
Me? I just follow the Big Guy's directions.
Like that morning when he gave me my first order. I can recall the moment as though it were yesterday. The responsibility of which has ever since imbued me with joy and excitement, just to think about it!

The sun had just kissed the dawn's cool air as it rolled over the eastern hills.

You know, Adam was still asleep when the Big Guy took that rib from his chest. He scooped  up a mixture of fine soil and dew, and then turned over Adam's glistening bone. Fascinated as always whenever he fashioned a new creation, I watched him worked.

"So, Cupid--what do you think?" he asks me.

Adam lay quiet on his back in peaceful slumber, a smile chisels across his face.  Looking again at the Big Guy, I reassure him that Adam is going to love her.

"She's, she's beautiful!" I finally say
"I think I'll call her Eve."  He  shakes slick clay from both hands. "Think Eve will like Adam?"
I raise both my own in a question. "What's not to like about our Adam?"
"Well..."  He hesitates.

I stare again at his sixth-day masterpiece who breathes softly from his belly. "You created him, didn't you?"
"Oh, sure.  I created him.  Still harmony in Eden is important to me."

He rakes delicate fingers through the curl of his beard and then adds a final touch to Eve's soft skin. "They must like one another if peace is to continue in our garden.

"Abba. Should I guard over them for you to see how they take to each other?"
He reaches behind me to sling a packed quiver and a bow over my left shoulder.
He says,  "Here you go, Angel.  You are going to need these."

I  look at my new gear.  "What are they for?"

"As soon as either one of them forgets that the other is also my creation--zing them both," he commands me
"You mean kill them?"  The shock in my. voice speaks to my confusion. "Abba, you want me to kill them?"
"No, Cupid, I said zing them! The arrows won't  harm them. But they will bring them back to kindness toward each other.

As always, the Big Guy  was right.
Didn't take long before that first couple found conflict in their midst. I tell you, the disagreements seemed to flow of their own volition. To restore equilibrium,I followed Abba's instructions to the 'T'! On every occasion of unrest between the two, I would zing each of them. bringing them back to kindness.

And I have been doing the same for all marriages ever since.

So when this Valentine fellow proclaimed February 14th as the only day when Cupid helps such couples recall their love for each other, I had to shake my head in laughter. Who was he kidding? I've been on marriage restoration duty now for close to 6,000 years!.

Still Laughing
Well, it's time to go.

Bow And Arrow. [Picking them up, marking each  off his list] Check!
Ephesian 6:17 Hat of Salvation.  Check!
1 Corinthians 13:4 Leather Shooting Gloves.  Check!

Let's see. The Jameson's on Sidney's Killara Way across from the Opera House.  Should be easy to find. And then to London for the Ivers-Strausses.  Know where that is. Then to  the Palmers in Macon, Georgia.

As usual, I've got a busy day tomorrow.

Exit: [Stage Left]

Copyright 2009  PW Dowdy.  All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Show love in as many ways as you can this Valentines Day.