Thursday, February 28, 2013

The US of the USA

Where We Came From
Since the colonies, we the American people have had to take a few steps forward and declare who we are. Surrounded by an array of difficult issues that threatened to change the course of our noble  history, we have always pressed toward the mark--anyhow..

A recent media story told how Colonel  George Washington, while he charged in battle, had eleven horses  shot from under him. Washington, who escaped with little more than a few scratches, lived to defend the colonies over and over again, and to become America's first president.

About 100 years later, Pennsylvania Congressman Thaddeus Stevens--dedicated so to the principle of equality for all people--overcame extreme resistance, and paved the way for the passage of the 13th Amendment. The enactment of that legislation--paved the way for the civil rights movement of the sixties.

And since that time, the struggle on the front  for later generations of Americans has escalated daily.

What  We Face
Technology and its effect on employment opportunities; climate changes  that altered how we must use natural and economic resources; and high tuition costs that made it near to impossible to adequately educate the next generation of American children to compete in world markets.

Oh, how skilled must be our problem resolution efforts.

Where We Are Going
We are coming back down to earth..

If we do not remember all the details of the film Apollo 13  we can not forget that certain moment when the ship notifies Ground Mission Control,  "Houston, we have a problem."
From that second on, all  that America possessed--in the world and in space--focused on returning our astronauts home, back down to earth where they belonged.

And so it must be as we consider the present discussion of Sequestration 2013.

Let all Americans--citizens and elected officials alike--focus on resolving all impasses to the budget and other decisions before our  leaders right now. When we give all elected officials encouragement, in lieu of idle is amazing what they can and will do.

Intellectual hatchets buried now, let's come back down to earth--where America deserves to be.

Where do you stand? What can you do to help? Tell me what your next  step will be.

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