Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wanted! Developer In Search of An Architect

I was watching you from over there," she said.

I gazed up, giving her my nervous raised-eyebrow look. 

She smiled and then went on.  "We were at the Phoenix conference together?"

I crumpled my newspaper before lowering it from my face  "Yes, you are the Gemstar Project architect for the Manning Collaborative Group."

"Isabel Kindle."

Beneath the firmly gripped business-like shake, her soft hand  pulled me into an attraction to her that would not ease up.

"My MCG presentation was appropriately short," she said. "How good of you to notice."

Oh yes,  keeping my distance while doing so as professionally as I could, I had noticed alright.
Each session of the Southwest Builders Confab, I had watched for Isabel's entrance. Her eye catching beauty always smartly adorn in a Vera Wang suit and a breath-taking demeanor, had enticed every man present.

 "Short but key," I said finally..

Her own professionalism touched, she beamed in appreciation.  I made note of her blushing and just how I would steer our present conversation to my advantage .Keep talking Gemstar, I told my self.

"I'm Glen Rossmore, Rossmore and Associates."

"Yes, I know."

An awkward wonderful  silence crept between us.

"I have an extra latte," Isabel announced. "I thought you might like one?"

I took the cup by its handles. "Yes, thanks. I would love a latte right now."

The last day of our builders confab had been a long session. When it ended, I had made a scrambling dash for the airport to catch a convenient flight to Burbank. The hour stopover in San Diego was crowded, damp and chilly.

I offered her the seat next to mine and we settled into a mildly flirtatious exchange.

Excerpted from  "Wanted! Developer In Search of An Architect
Copyright 2011 PW Dowdy.  All Rights Reserved

Happy Valentines Day 2013.

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